Kindness Like Confetti

Love To Breathe - Guest post by Somer Love


Sometimes we often hear "But you don't look sick"... If only people had X-ray vision.... What is CF?! Well, CF is a genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs and the digestive system. It causes our bodies to produce a thick sticky mucus. The mucus builds up in the lungs and can lead to life threatening lung infections.

This is my actual lung X-ray, I call these my pearly whites. The white is irreversible scarring from the thick sticky mucus and the many lung infections I have had. Both the mucus and the lung infections have resulted in loss of lung function over time, my lung function currently hovers around 26%. I literally think about every breath I take.

A CFers day consists of hours of breathing treatments, airway clearance, exercise, and handful of pills, and that is just the regular maintenance for when we are healthy. We work so hard day in and day out.

CF is inconvenient, CF is exhausting, and CF will never be easy. However, I believe CF has made me stronger, it makes me fight harder, love more, and truly appreciate life one breath at a time... CF is a blessing in an ugly disguise, it's my reality and its made me who I am today, and for that I am grateful.

Being involved in the CF community is very important to me. It gives me the chance to help raise awareness, educate, and give hope to the families with newly diagnosed children. The most important way for me that I give back is through Love To Breathe®. I created Love To Breathe® in 2001. Love To Breathe is my passion it means the world to me... The goal isn't to live forever but to create something that will and that is my hope and dream for Love To Breathe®. I hope to spread love and CF awareness and give hope to everyone I encounter. I basically want to change the world....

We are not obligated to do anything we don't want to do, but why would we not try to better ourselves or others around us simply because we can? I'm grateful for my struggles and without them I wouldn't have found my strengths... We all have struggles,  no ones struggle is less important or more important than anyone else's. We are dealt what we can handle, so remember to always trust your story and be kinder than necessary and love ALL those that you encounter.

So why not start today?! Get out there and spread love, be kind, if someone is in need help them out, give without any expectations of something in return. I guarantee you, your love and kindness will always come back ten fold. Make today count, and then tomorrow do it all over again!

Breathe out Love!! Xo❤