Kindness Like Confetti

Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey, category 4, has tremendously impacted people all over Houston. This terror is one of the wettest tropical storms Texas has ever had with over 50 inches of precipitation. Flooding has caused the need for over 17,000 rescues, and has destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes. Over 300,000 people have no access to electricity. Billions of dollars in property damage have been estimated, with many homeowners uninsured. 66 lives have been lost, 65 of them Texan-Americans. The intense flooding has resulted in an unmeasurable amount of losses and damage that will take years for victims to recover from both emotionally and financially. Kindness Like Confetti wants to help any way possible. We are donating a portion of every purchase to the The Greater Houston Community Foundation. They work with non-profit organizations to deliver many needed supplies, medical attention, food,and water to those affected by this awful disaster.